Feel Think DoFeel Think Do

The Journal To Own Yourself


Own your negative.
Create your positive.

Feel Think Do is a prompted daily journal. It helps examine your thoughts and emotions from different angles to reveal the actions you can take to reach any goal.


3-Step Cycle

Feel Think Do uses a simple 3-step cycle. Choose where to start (depending on your preference) and progress forward. It helps you connect emotionally and logically with your life so you can clarify and create action that moves you closer to your goals.



Allow yourself to FEEL. Own your vulnerabilities. Explore ideas. Find gratitude.



Allow yourself to THINK. Step back. Clarify the reality. Be honest. Declutter.



Charge yourself to DO. Own your situation. Break goals down. One simple step at a time.

"Happiness is not all rainbows and kittens. Sometimes we have to dig deep, feel and then detach – to show ourselves what we must do next."


Write what you feel.
Not what you're told.

Your journal never forces you to feel or think a certain way. It simply guides your thoughts and habits in a healthy direction. What you write about is entirely up to you!

Time Sensitive

Adapt it to your day.

Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, the 3-step method lets you invest as much or as little time as you need.

How It Works

More than a journal.
A community.

Your journal is a private space. But sometimes it helps to share. Feel Think Do has an active community of Journalers from around the world — sharing stories, experiences, ideas, challenges and actions. It is a safe, friendly and non-judgemental place to talk about anything on your mind. Sometimes we need a hand; sometimes we can offer a hand. We all have a story.

Simple Layout

A clean, minimal layout that helps separate your emotion/thought/action process. Return and reflect on specific aspects of your journey or quickly find recurring themes, thoughts and actions. Declutter the page and your head.


Dedicated copies for lefties and righties. No more smudged pages and dirty fingers. Designed so your words are always front and center. Don’t cover your emotions and thoughts. Read and reflect as you write. No matter your dominant hand, you will never hide your words.

3 Months

Double paged, your journal is designed for a three month period if you write everyday. Writing each day helps form habits and progress ideas but you do not have to write every day. The blank date gives you freedom to write how you want as often as you want.

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