Hi. I'm Matt.

Author of the FEEL THINK DO Journal, and #OWNYOURSHIT.

Riding motorcycles, exploring foreign lands, drinking coffee in foreign lands, eating as much crazy food as I can discover and meeting new people are a few of the ways I find pleasure and push my personal boundaries. Aimless and full of curiosity, I find myself in all kinds of weird and amusing situations. It fuels my love of writing, telling stories and listening to other people’s stories.

Max Ehrmann once said:
“As far as possible without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.”

My Story

I believe we all have a story to share, no matter how small, no matter how impersonal. What is regular for you might be wondrous to someone else? I find great joy in other people’s happiness and laughter, even if I am the brunt of that laughter.

I’ve lived a life with massive highs and tragic lows. I am not the best at dealing with this stuff, I do not have all my shit together. I realised a long time ago that I am not alone in this. If I can come out the other side with a new lesson and adjust the way I view and interact with others than I am doing ok. If I can help someone a little way back down the path than I am doing great.

I’ve been a student and a teacher; built structures and torn flesh on thorns as a nursery hand; I've been a security guard; a waiter, and a barista. I’ve worn a tie and crunched numbers in corporate finance. I am the supervisor, and the supervised. Now I write, listen and tell stories.

I’ve kept a journal most of my life, I find solace and reflection in words and actions. I see such similarity in the events of my life and the experiences of those near me, the struggles and wonder that we all share to a degree. I can’t take the pain of others but I always want to help, to share the lessons I have learned personally and from others. I want to get in people’s faces, pull my heart out, hand them my mind and shout, “Here, try this! It might work, it might not, but what have you got to lose?”

I’ve spent years learning to be honest with myself and still, I struggle. “We tell ourselves the best lies,” a friend once told me. I reflect on past writings to keep myself honest and reveal the lies before I buy into them. I apply logic and create action to ground the moment help move me forward.

I live in mountainous Chiang Mai, Thailand. Asia is my staging area for greater two-wheel adventures. There are many things to discover, people to meet and coffee to drink in this world. I’ll do what I can in the time I have. In the eternal words of Metallica, “Where I lay my head is home.”

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