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Feel Think Do is a simple ideology centred around a cycle of > Emotion > Logic > Action >.

It is designed for right-hand users to keep your words in view at all times.

Your journal contains mind maps, inspirational quotes and three months of double-paged entries.

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Understand and discover your dreams and emotional loops; clarify the logic of your situation and create simple actions to implement and achieve your goals.

Feel Think Do is a simple ideology centred around a cycle of Emotion > Logic > Action >.

Whether you seek inspiration or the strength to confront everyday challenges and find honesty within, our design flows to suit your needs.

Used for: Stream of conscious, goal setting, productivity planning and implementation, creative exploration, emotional tracking, accountability, mental and physical rehabilitation.

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8 reviews for Feel Think Do – Right Hand

  1. Bernadette wood

    I love this Feel, Think, Do for so many reasons. I found it helped me to stop procrastinating and Start taking more action. I felt like it gave me clarity when I was feeling overwhelmed and to reflect on repeat behaviour patterns. As a transformation Coach I insist that all my clients have their own copy and use it daily for their growth and personal development. It really is the greatest way to journal with purpose.

  2. Daryl

    A huge thank you Matt. This journal provides me with the one constant I can turn to in an otherwise at times chaotic environment. Being new to journaling, wasn’t sure what to expect, however the introduction & subsequent layout is extremely user friendly. Clarity, focus, consistency…helping to achieve a more fulfilling and purposeful existence. Cheers

  3. Emilie

    I really like the journal. It helps me organize my thoughts and ideas, clarify my intention, and plan my day and week more consciously. I like that there’s a lot of space to write. Thank you!!

  4. phoebe.batchelor (verified owner)

    This is an awesome journal. The introduction is a really unique part that I continue to look on, to take a step back and guide what I’m feeling, thinking and doing in life.
    I was always the kind of journal writer who scribbled my feelings down and sometimes even burned the pages to forget about it. I like how this journal forces me to think logically about my babbling and work out my next steps.
    Matt – I’m so glad you are making this happen and I’m so happy to be one of the first to use this fantastic tool!

  5. Conor (verified owner)

    As a first time journal user, this has been a great experience! I never really considered keeping a journal growing up but now that I’ve started using the FTD journal it has really opened my eyes to how beneficial it can be to get all my thoughts and feelings onto paper. It has really made it easier for me organize my thoughts and be able to decide what is important and what is just clutter taking up space in my mind. Thank you Matt!

  6. Ross Blake (verified owner)

    I’ve taken a slightly different tack, and i’m using the journal to keep myself accountable for a writing project, as well as record my days. I’m using the journal to make me think about the tasks ahead of me as well as *why* I set those tasks. I’m finding inspiration and remembering that inspiration along the journey. “Feel” is a huge part of the artistic expression of this project and one that is often the hardest for me to translate onto paper.

  7. Ross Edlin (verified owner)

    Matt, Just want to say thank you for introducing me to the Feel Think Do journal. I never considered writing before but the idea and concepts behind what drives this made me give it a try.

    It’s definitely helping me on my journey, as with us all, we often lead a life full of distractions with social media and technology which just fills our minds with more and more stuff. Filtering out what is important can be troubling, but when you take the time to write and get down on paper what you really want, it forces you to really think about what’s important.

    Thank you!

  8. Shane Schneider (verified owner)

    Thank you, Matt, for a terrific product that both myself and my 8-year-old daughter are using to record our thoughts and help us make sense of this crazy world we live in!
    I recommend this journal to any person out there who sometimes feels a bit overwhelmed and needs some clarity & focus. I also recommend it as a way to start your children on a structured approach to their thought patterns & feelings.

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